Traps and Kills 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria
Case of 30 Sponges
AquaFlex® Open Cell Foam Sponges offer the same technology and disinfecting power as our Mitt, but in a convenient, quick to use sponge.  Get a case of 30 Sponges today, $120 Value, for just $108!
Case of 6 Mitts
The AquaFlex® Open Cell Foam Mitt is the best way to disinfect and protect your business.  Add a case of Mitts to your order, $120 Value, for just $108!
Case of 12 Disinfectant - 32oz
Keep commonly touched surfaces all over your business clean and safe with EPA-registered  disinfectant by the case.  Each case contains 12 (32oz) bottles of Fresh Scent disinfectant to use with your Aquaflex® Mitts and Sponges, $180 Value,  for just $162.